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Patient Information Evenings

February 2020 - Event No. 8 - Eye Problems 

Consultant Ophthalmologist, Mr O'Donnell, attended to talk about eye problems, including aged related macular degeneration.  This event was popular and well received by all those in attendance. 

September 2019 - Event No. 7 - Women's Health

Consultant Urogynaecologist, Miss Aleem, gave a talk on women's health including before and after pregnancy, changing years, the golden years and pelvic floor.  A physiotherapist was also present to offer advice on pelvic floor exercises. Feedback at the end of the talk was very positive. 

May 2019 - Event No. 6 - Men's Health

Consultant Urologist, Mr Rahul Mistry, talked about men's health, topics including bladder issues and prostate problems.  Feedback from patients "the question and answer session at the end was most useful, the consultant took his time and it was very informative"

January 2019 - Event No. 5  - Hip & Knee Arthritis

Consultant Orthopedic Surgeon, Mr Marcus Cope, gave a presentation on managing arthritis in the hips and knees. A senior physiotherapist was also present to offer advice on management and exercises.  Patient feedback at the end - " very informative and useful evening"

July 2018 - Patient Information Evening, Event No. 4 (Shoulders)

Consultant Upper Limb Surgeon, Mr Rish Parmar, and a senior physiotherapist, discussed common shoulder problems and offered advice on prevention and treatment.


January 2018 - Patient Information Evening, Event No. 3 (HRT & Menopause) 

Consultant Mr Simon Jones delivered a presentation to patients on HRT and the menopause.  This was a very successful evening, some feedback from patients:

“The Consultant explained it clearly and I understood everything he said”

“Great evening the Doctor was so nice and very understanding”

“I was uncertain but listening to the specialist has changed my mind about HRT”

August 2017 - Patient Information Evening, Event No. 2 (Managing Back Pain)

Consultant Dr Head-Rapson delivered a presentation to patients on back pain and answered questions during the evening. A physiotherapist was also present, offering advice and support on the management of back pain. 

Dr Head-Rapson, Consultant in Pain Management, delivering his presentation.

Physiotherapist giving advice on exercises to help manage back pain


February 2017 - Patient Information Evening, Event No. 1 (Hips and Knees)

Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon, Mr Marcus Cope, delivered a very informative presentation followed by a questions and answers session.  A physiotherapist was also present to answer any questions and provided advice on rehabilitation and exercises.  Patients also received an information pack including a profile of Mr Cope, and leaflet on "suffering from joint problems and considering hip or knee surgery”.



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